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The aims and objectives of the Care & Cure Academy of Classical Acupuncture are listed below:

  • To provide education and training, at both undergraduate Diploma as well as postgraduate Diploma levels, to persons of outstanding abilities who would Serve Indian Medical world in globally competitive economic environment.
  • To carry out advanced research and development activities in Acupuncture and Allied Therapies, both on its own and on sponsorship basis.
  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops and such other activities for the dissemination of knowledge to Acupuncture and allied therapies.
இயற்கையோடு வாழ்வோம்! இயற்கையாக வாழ்வோம்!

Our Mission

  • Good Health For All
    The positive state of health of body mind and soul for all
  • Happy Family and Conflict free Society
    Harmony and mutual cooperation in family, work place & society.
  • A Successful and Meaningful Life for all.
    With the Life Management & Life Skills.
    The growth of all towards better self acceptance and better self management resulting in self realization and self actualization. All Human Beings must be able to live a meaningful life with dignity and must be able to realize best of their potential.

Our Awards

  1. Best acupuncture institute 2014 by Tca
  2. Best acupuncture training center2015 by AIAMA
  3. Best acupuncture training center 2015 by kalaiyin kural
  4. Best acupuncture academy 2016 by Tamilar kalai peravai

About Us

Care & Cure Academy of Classical Acupuncture is an educational Venture of Care & Cure Clinic of Classical Acupuncture run by Hr. V. Magesh and Hr. S.Muralidharan.

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