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Hr's Profile:

Care & Cure classical acupuncture Clinic is run by Hr.V.Magesh, M.(Acu). we got more than five years experience in the field of acupuncture therapy , Acupressure and other alternative medical therapy. So far we have treated more than three thousand peoples for various diseases and its success rate is more than 95%..

இயற்கையோடு வாழ்வோம்! இயற்கையாக வாழ்வோம்!

Our Vision:

Healthy Educated Integrated & Happy

Educated signifies not only formal education but the complete awareness and knowledge about the self, the world, the problems, the opportunities and the ways of dealing with both which include formal education, skill training and development of complete beings with values and culture.

Healthy signifies freedom from sickness and holistic health of body mind and soul. This relates to positive health of individuals and community including the health of the environment.

Integrated signifies the unity of people of the world in their diversity. Harmony and mutual cooperation among individuals, in family, work places and society proves strong support for everyone. There is no need of any conflict, sharing is a better solution. A conflict free world with stress free people is our universal family

Happy signifies not merely material pleasures but a dynamic state of internal harmony and growth towards self actualization. Once a person is healthy, educated and well integrated in society and growing with a meaningful life, happiness can not be far behind.

We value every Human Being and we feel that every Human Being has a right to live in peace with good health, dignity, self reliance and availability of opportunities to learn & grow.

In short, we wish Health & Happiness for all.


Our Awards:

  1. Best acupuncturist in tiruchirapalli ( honorable chief minister j.jeyalalitha award) by AIAMA
  2. Best acupuncturist (raja kalaignan) by TCA
  3. Best acupuncturist (raja vaidhiyan) by peace university banglore
  4. Best acupuncturist ( Bogar award) by AIAMA
  5. Best acupuncturist ( D.R A.P.J. Abdul kalam award) kalaiyin kural monthly magazine
  6. Best acupuncturist ( Agathiyar award) by AIAMA
  7. Best acupuncturist in tamil nadu ( Dr. mgr award)


About Us

Care & Cure Academy of Classical Acupuncture is an educational Venture of Care & Cure Clinic of Classical Acupuncture run by Hr. V. Magesh and Hr. S.Muralidharan.

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